Pag Triangle

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On Croatian island Pag, near town of Novalja, has been in 1999 discovered an interesting triangular pattern, imprinted to rocky terrain. It is generally anticipated it has been artificially created about 12,000 year ago. In 2011 the Pag Island visited an expedition of WM magazine journal.

We have documented recent condition of the pattern a carried out measurements. It resulted into comparing of presented theories of his possible origin with reality.

According to many is Pag therefore landing place of an alien craft, shrine of Neolithic hunters, observatory, imprint of giant footprint, remnants of “Dalmatian” civilization. Believers see in the pattern depiction of Holy Trinity. Are conclusions of the researchers right? Is the triangular pattern on Pag Island a place of factual landing of ET civilization? At those and other question tried to find an answer our expedition.

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